Past, Present & Future
In 1897, Khalil Fares Fattal created a trading company under the name of Khalil Fattal &Fils. This modest enterprise undertook its first steps as a commission agent with vague commercial representations. In 1918, his two sons, Michel and Jean, started developing the business further.
We act as ambassadors, agents and distributors of internationally renowned brands. Guided by our values: trust, respect, courage and sharing, we take pride in our people, in the companies we represent and in serving our customers.
We are agent of multinational companies and distributors of Premium brands operating in the Middle East and North Africa. The olive tree is Fattal’s symbol. It incarnates both the middle-eastern roots of the company and its expansion into the MENA region.
Fattal derives its strength and specificity from its culture and values, transmitted from one generation to another. The dolphin is the company’s mascot because of its qualities: intelligence, solidarity, ability to adapt, flexibility, courage, energy and speed.